MIDI Tools Pack 1, 12 Ableton Live Generative MIDI Devices, 03/2024
Rhythm and Time Toolkit, Package for Max MSP, 07/2023
Autonomia, Max for Live Sequencer, 03/2023
Tutorial Repository, Patches for Video Lectures, ongoing


Max MSP YouTube Series, ongoing
Generative Composition with Max for Live, IO Music Academy, 05/2024
Modular Sequencing in Max for Live, San Diego City College, 05/2024
Bending the Grid: Fluid Time in Computer Music, Share.AV, Los Angeles, 03/2024
seq: A Package for Sequencing in Max/MSP, Pico-Union Project, November 2022
Introduction to Max MSP (workshop), Coaxial Arts Foundation, July 2022
Sequencing in Max for Live with Max 8.3 and MC (workshop) Coaxial Arts Foundation, May 2022
Sequencing and Generative Composition in Max/MSP (4-session online course)., March/April 2022
Modular Sequencing in Max MSP, Music Hackspace, October 2021
Image Convolution with Jitter, Music Hackspace, March 2021

Exhibitions, Performances, and Publications

Live performance, Canary Test, 03/2024
Live performance, Late Breafast, 09/2023
Live performance, Coxial Arts, 08/2023
Live performance, Hell in a Handbag, 05/2023
Sound design, Discarded Visions, Spectator Magazine, 06/2022
Live performance, Non Plus Ultra, 03/2022
Live performance, Elsewhere is a Negative Mirror group show, Vellum LA, 01/2022
Live performance, Seven Spaces, The Goldfish Los Angeles, 11/2021
Exhibition, Seven Spaces, Sportscar Collective, 10/2021
Sound design, Webtaura, De:Formal Gallery, 04/2020
VAX/VMS live performance at Stellar Remnant, 02/2020
Motion Capture Performance (as Protean) at Late Breakfast, 02/2020
Live Performance (as Protean) at Triptronics Research, 12/2019

Visual / Audiovisual

Seven Spaces, 7 audiovisual compositions, 2021
Trace Differences, Audiovisual composition, 2020
Alluvium, Computer-processed images, 2020


Philip Meyer, Seven Spaces, 2021
VAX/VMS, Semantic Security. Intermodal, 2020 (with Jason Tibi)
Phi, Teryo. Intermodal, 2019
Protean, Apoly. Intermodal, 2019
Choyas, Chollas. Chollas, 2017 (with Jason Adams)